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tv   Today  NBC  March 26, 2013 2:05am-3:00am PDT

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something earlier, a guy in a restaurant who needed your son like nobody's business. >> i'm not allowed to tell this story on pain of death. but now that you've -- >> sorry, cody. >> oh, i was -- oh, hodie. let me see how i could. oh, he's asleep. okay. nobody wake up cody and tell him -- one of my dearest friends in the whole world is sam haskell, who was my long-time great friend and still is, but my agent for like 35 years. he became head of worldwide television for william morris agency. and now he's doing a wonderful thing at warner brothers. had dinner with him and cody and cass i think wednesday night in the valley. so we had to get from hollywood to the valley. mistimed it by half an hour. we were late. i hate that. turns out there was a reason we were late. if we had been right on time we would have been out of dinner and gone -- all of a sudden we're waiting for the check and all of a sudden cody looks over and he goes, oh, my god. oh, my god. we all turn around.
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this heavyset elderly man is choking to death. and his wife gets up and is behind him trying to give him the heimlich, which my mother calls the heineken. it's the heimlich. anyway, and so cody remembers that he'd been taught how to do it when he was in eighth grade. he says to the wife, may i perform the heimlich? she goes yes, yes, yes. english accent. and so cody goes over, starts in on the man, at least 30 times. now, cody is 6'4" and strong as an ox. and all of a sudden whatever -- it was apple pie the man was eating. you think apple pie goes down easy. >> that wasn't necessary. >> it's important because you know how most people, most people, if something is lodged and they are dying and seeing the pearly gates would be glad to get rid of something like that? >> oh, no. >> this is the thing about the elderly. they want their money's worth, if you know what i'm saying. the man chokes it up -- >> no! no! no. no.
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>> rechews it. and swallows it. oh, yes. the whole time, thank you so much, young man, thank you so much. and -- because you know i appreciate your saving my life but i do believe i'm going to have very sore ribs for a while. and cody says you're welcome, sir, i'm happy to be able to do it. as we're leaving, we turn back to say good-bye one more time and the man takes his fork and starts finishing his apple pie. so there you go. >> i like it. good for cody. >> how about that? no, you know what? what i love about it is that he -- first of all, you never think they remember a thing you tell them. but he remembered what his teacher told him in eighth grade. >> yeah. how to do it properly. >> right. and then he also remembered to ask if he could do it so you have witnesses. i guess there's something called the good samaritan law. >> good samaritan law. >> but the whole time he was so strong, oh, dear god, please don't let me kill him because i'm so strong.
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you know. so -- anyway, the point is i was ready to kill him on the way there. >> but not anymore. >> late, late, late. ready to kill him. at the end of the evening, ready to give the man, you know, the nobel peace prize. so it was cool. >> let me tell you one quick story. >> no. sorry. we're out of time. >> as usual. this was really kind of scary a little bit. i was flying to florida this weekend. so i got on the plane. and they were de-icing the plane. so i was like, oh, we're going to take a few extra minutes to de-ice. >> it makes me nervous. >> they say we have a security breach on this plane, we're going to park it in the middle and everyone turn off your cell phones. we're sitting on this plane for probably an hour while no one is really communicating because they say they don't know what's going on. they wheel up a set of stairs. these cops and port authority guys get on the plane, they go to the back to the back of the plane, grab three guys and take them off. they say there was some kind of a threat made to this plane, blah, blah, blah. so now we're two hours on the
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ground. >> what a nightmare. >> then they say we're going to have to deplane everybody and do a sweep of everything and take all the luggage off. you know who's on the plane to west palm beach. everybody is older, with walkers and canes. it takes forever to get everyone off. i'm just saying. >> and their apple pie. >> and then everyone boards back on. all the waiting made these young kids -- i guess they were doing double shots of scotch. i don't know what they were doing. anyway, when we reboarded the plane, there was an older man here, an older woman, and an empty seat. the drunk-looking empty seat guy decides he's going to get in there and get in that chair, and he starts straddling the lady. and i'm screaming to lois, the flight attendant, get him off the plane because the door's still open. we're there now for almost four hours. >> what do you mean straddle the lady? >> like a drunk person. nobody loves me. they drag him off the plane. >> so he's going to find somebody to love him, huh? >> they drag him off the plane. and it turned out the threat was either the ex-wife or girlfriend or wife of the man had called up
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and made the threat on the plane because her husband was on it. so it was just a phone call threat and all that chaos happened. four hours on the ground. >> giving everybody lots of ideas, hodie. >> everybody knows about that. that's on "law and order." that's an old idea. okay? it's an old, tired idea. but i'm just saying it was such a pain in the neck. four hours on the ground. >> yeah, i get that. but. >> but what? >> what happened to the guy straddling the lady? >> he got -- >> how come that never happens to me? >> can i tell you one thing? >> how old was she? >> the flight attendant lois, she had the best way of de-escalating, you guys. one lady said i've got to get off this plane. people were panicking. she said what's your name? should said my name's carol. carol, here's what we're going to do. as soon as this is finished right here, we're going to take the plane back to the gate and we're going to deplane and you're going to get off. and you don't have to get back on this plane if you don't want to. she looked people in the eye, called them by name. i've got to tell you, lois at jetblue, everyone gave her like
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a big ovation because she calmed that whole plane down. >> wow, hode. >> anyway. so that's my story. whatever. >> it's a great story. >> don't look at me like that. >> doesn't beat my son saving a life, but it's darn good. i missed you, hoda woman. >> i missed you too. >> guess who came to see me in l.a.? >> who? >> hoda. you're hoda. rege. rege and joy came by to see our new place over there. it was so fun. we're standing by and looking out. rege has his arm around cass. he says see that? that's where i started my career. see that over there? it took a long time because rege has been around hollywood for a long time. >> how sweet. >> it was sweet. he sends his love to coda. >> he never calls me by my name. i like it. >> give my love to coda. she's great. she's terrific. >> we have a good show today, you guys. usher is with us from "the voice." so excited. that starts tonight. usher and shakira the new judges. >> getting great buzz. great buzz. >> carson was here earlier. he was saying this may be his favorite season already just based on the first couple of
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shows. >> the chemistry between the judges is -- >> it's like on fire. >> on fire. >> he's going to talk to us about his new career on "the voice." and you know, he's a huge super megastar, but what we're finding out from this show is super megastars become even bigger megastars when they're on "the voice." >> you get a chance to really know them as people as opposed to knowing their music or -- you know their personalities. he has a new song called "numb." >> you want to hear it? okay. let's hear it. ♪ i don't care anymore just go numb ♪ ♪ you never know ♪ until you ♪ numb >> what are you talking about? >> hey, hoda, you know what stars you want to hook up with if you got the opportunity to? >> this is what "details" magazine asked. here's what they found. they said the number three guy all the women want to hook up with is from "the voice," adam
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levine. >> i don't think that would have happened if they'd only known him from his music. perfect example. >> you're right. what about blake shelton? he should be up there. >> zac efron number one with you. >> he's number two. and the number one guy women want to hook up with is ryan gosling. >> yeah. >> okay. >> i think that's true. >> who'd be your top three? i know blake would be number one. >> and two and three. how about you? >> nobody. >> come on. >> intrigued by the guy straddling the old lady. >> all right. for the ladies it was jennifer lawrence, number three, kate upton number two, and mila kunis, who keeps winning everything. >> bad news about kate upton. oh, my god. remember when she -- >> bad news for the kid who invited her. >> there was a young kid who on the "today" show wanted to ask kate upton to his prom. she actually phoned in and said she would check her schedule, which was a huge and exciting thing for the kid. he got cotton mouth, was freaking out. he was excited. turns out what she said later
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was we'll have to check our schedules. >> which is always -- you know what that means. >> "no." no. >> not a chance in hades. >> so anyway, the bottom line is it's -- she's not doing it. i think there's a sound bite. let's listen. >> jake, make your pitch. this is the time. make your pitch. >> kate, i'm telling you it will be a great night, great evening. i could even get the curfew extended hopefully, talk to my parents maybe. it could go -- great dinner before. i'd hope you'd be interested if your schedule is free. and what time should i pick you up if you're interested? >> kate? >> well, i really just have to check my schedule, but you seem like so much fun and if everything works out i'd love to go with you. i know we'd have a blast. >> i know we would. thank you. >> no, no, no. >> not going to happen. here's the thing. you can't start a precedent like that. everybody wants to go to the prom with kate upton. right?
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>> once she says yes then -- >> everybody wants to do lots of things with kate upton. and there's only so much time in a young girl's schedule. >> what's your "favorite thing," miss thing? >> i had a favorite thing, and it's right here. >> what is it? >> you know sonja, her this is my favorite, favorite thing because it's angled like your eyebrow is. it's fantastic. it's got this little thing on the end. and then -- there's this waxy stuff in there that keeps it from, you know, moving too much. >> smudging? >> smudging and stuff. love it, love it, love it. but then when i got back to the office this morning -- >> what else did you get? >> this young lady had painted wine glasses for us. she owns the black sheep pub in alpena, or alpena, i don't know what it is, michigan. >> how cute. >> called the black sheep pub. and you know what, she was struggling with her little restaurant, her bar. and she said she started wine
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nights, wine club nights, the second tuesday, i think, of every three weeks. >> okay. >> it helped her so much with her business. >> i love it. >> maybe we can -- >> i love it. >> no time. so sad. >> and here's the thing you've been waiting for, people. it's called the pms candy bar. it's the best thing ever. it's got peanut butter, milk chocolate and salted potato chips. >> stop it. >> $4 at >> but hoda, how many calories? because that's just -- oh, my god. oh, my goodness. >> you know what? that's the cure. so good. >> our sara is coming up next. >> usher is in the house. he'll tell us about his new gig as coach on "the voice." we're excited to hear from him. >> what were your favorite celebrities up to this weekend? we'll have the latest buzz. >> was that tim stack? your boyfriend tim stack. >> after this. a lot of you may have heard about probiotics but may not realize what they can do for your health. we know what it takes to look good on the outside
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albums, won eight grammys, and he can dance his tushie off. >> yeah. but now he is the smooth new coach to recruit the best talent on nbc's hit show "the voice" that premieres tonight. so take a look. >> when i said earlier i thought you sang it as well as christina, i still believe that but it was completely different. >> there's the backpedalling. >> as far as i'm concerned, i'm running for president right now. >> but i'm looking for the first lady. >> that was pretty good. >> because he would have never made it without her. >> right out of the gate. >> coming out strong. >> you have to be on your best, you know? it's all about really selling them and having them, you know, have the confidence. and obviously the show really does focus on the voice, literally. >> which is what it comes down to it, if you want a long-term career you can't fake it just in the recording studio. >> it's about the human.
2:20 am
i've come to recognize that. you know, working with blake and working with adam, they're obviously a lot more comfortable. they both have won. so we have to come in there with, like, guns blazing. and shakira, she's just gorgeous. >> she is beautiful. >> what was it like stepping into this group? when you're the new kids in the classroom and you guys, you and shakira kind oare, did you try and fit in with them or do you make your mark? >> they play well. they do have manners. >> they made room for you. >> they made room for us. i think blake more than anything really made me comfortable. he's closest to me. >> he's got such a personality s&p. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> so how did you pitch people to come on your team? because that's not an easy thing. >> wow. you know, you try everything you possibly can. but really it's ultimately your passion. >> yeah. >> they want to know that, you know, they're getting a coach who's going to fight for them and work along to nurture them to be the artist that they'd like to be. i don't play the justin bieber card often. but i -- >> you have one justin bieber in your life. you don't have to play it that often.
2:21 am
>> when you're looking for a talent that could be like him or greater, you know, for me, because i take it serious, you know. of course winning "the voice" is ultimately what the goal of the show is but preparing incredible entertainers is what i'm all about, artist development, because that's who i was, that's how i was trained as an artist. >> no gimmicks. cee lo had the -- >> the parrot. and was it a monkey? >> i might have a little fun with it. i can't say -- i won't have a parrot. now, that's his thing. >> how about a playboy bunny? >> female. >> yes. >> playboy bunnies. >> are there males? >> i don't really know that there are. maybe you know something i don't. >> no, i know nothing. >> what is it like with shakira? because she's the other new kid in the classroom. >> we know those hips can't lie but she's adorable. >> they don't lie at all. she's great. you know, she is definitely very aggressive and convincing. when she wants something, she 100% goes after it.
2:22 am
>> really. good. >> after the first day i realized you know what, this is like -- it's a battle. like, you know, it's friendly, a friendly environment. >> healthy competition. >> yeah. >> carson came in the makeup room today and he thought this season and this first show may be among the best that has ever been done on "the voice." >> and it's the truth. >> really? >> yeah, it's the truth. we actually went through an incredible, you know, time. we now finished our blind auditions, and you guys are going to see that tonight. but this is -- man, it's not often that you have chemistry that instantly just works like that. >> yeah. >> and i think, you know, they really put an incredible group together. >> what's happening here? will you hold them up to the camera so you can see? what are they? >> you'll see these tonight on camera. >> what are they? >> they're big. >> are they birds? >> no. this is a horse. and this is a -- >> toucan? >> no. >> a turtle? >> toucan sam. no. this is a phoenix. >> of course it is.
2:23 am
>> how are we going to get justin bieber to pull his pants up? that's all i want to know. you can catch the season premiere of "the voice" tonight and tomorrow at 8:00, 7:00 central. >> we're looking forward to that. >> here on nbc. >> wonder what your favorite celebs were up to over the weekend? we're going to have the latest buzz with tim stack. >> love him. thanks so much. >> thanks, usher. people have chosen it again and again for over eight years. its key ingredients are also found in every day food like avocados, broccoli and bananas. it contains about as much caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee. zero sugar. four calories. 5-hour energy is like... coffee with vitamins and nutrients. simple. put them together and it's a great combination. try a sip... then decide.
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what were your favorite hollywood stars up to this weekend? we're going to have the latest buzz. >> "twilight" star billy burke tells us all about his return on the hit show "revolution." >> and get your house and your life organized. we're going to start with your garage. >> and basement. then we'll help you discover the new you, hoda woman, with a 48-hour makeover.
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we're back on this fun day monday with more of today. and actor billy burke plays miles mathison on the nbc hit show, boy do we love saying that, the nbc hit show "revolution" where every single
2:30 am
piece of technology, computers, planes, cars, phones, even lights has been mysteriously blacked out forever. >> that changed during the exciting fall finale when the evil monroe militia found a way to generate power spelling trouble for the brave rebels. >> no. >> are you following? >> yes. >> take a look. >> go! ♪ >> in here! >> wow. >> welcome. >> must be boring to be here with us after that, huh? >> well, yeah. you guys can just go ahead and just read the paper. >> let me tell you what's great about the paper today. you open up "usa today," on the front of the living section it has "the voice." and when you flip it over to the back, it's all about
2:31 am
"revolution," the other big nbc show. do you feel a lot of pressure? he's looking for an answer. >> you don't look like you do, but do you? >> i personally do not feel the pressure, no. we're doing what we can and i'm -- sure, i'm encouraging people to come back and watch because the second half of the season now really becomes a whole different thing. we were on a big quest to find danny in the beginning and now that we found him, the -- >> where was danny? >> danny was taken by monroe. >> hate it when that happens. >> who's monroe? >> monroe is this guy played by david lions. >> bad guy. >> he's a bad guy. >> bad guy probably with good intentions. >> i was originally cast to play that role, as a matter of fact. >> oh, really. and what happened? >> they couldn't find the guy to play miles, and so i was already there. >> you're so good an actor that you could have played any part. >> sure. let's say that. >> let me ask you this. if you have not watched
2:32 am
"revolution," i know a lot of people have. >> my father. >> if you're joining now, will you be quick to understand what's happening? >> without having back story. >> oh, yeah. it's a simple concept. there's no power. no power. and like i -- for me the show really is -- it's about how stupidly simple life is. don't die. and fight for the things you care about. >> you started out as a musician. you went to l.a. to pursue that whole thing. >> kind of. i was living in seattle during the whole -- the whole -- >> nirvana thing. >> that whole thing. >> you got caught up in that? >> well, i was playing rock bands from about 15 years old to 25 years old and that stuff started to happen in seattle. i recognized that i was doing nothing like that. i was doing -- what i was doing was completely -- it just wasn't going to work during that time. so i moved to l.a. i had like this weird sort of demo deal with warner brothers at the time, and that didn't pan
2:33 am
out. and i was in l.a. and i decided to read for everything i could while i was there. >> look how that turned out. >> do a lot of people recognize you from the "twilight" movies? is that the main thing now? >> yeah. it happens. without the -- without the fantastic mustache, it doesn't happen that often. >> you are really much cuter. >> without it. >> thank you. >> we like it like that. >> we're into it. >> the mustache was sort of a device. when i got that gig, i kind of knew it would have an audience. >> its own zip code. are you kidding? >> yeah. so when this thing is over with, how do i, you know, maintain some sort of anonymity? and i was like -- i showed up on the set the first day of shooting with that mustache and just kind of walked up to the director, catherine hardwicke, beautiful lady. i said, hey, this? she's like, yeah, i love it, great. >> that was it? >> okay. there we are. >> you're an interesting guy. >> yes, you are. >> lots of layers.
2:34 am
lots of complexity to you. >> as far as you know. >> you're really a good actor. thanks for coming to see us. >> "revolution" returns with an all-new episode tonight at 10:00, 9:00, right after "the voice" on nbc. what was hollywood all abuzz about this weekend? find out right after this. i know. >> i know. ♪ you know my heart burns for you... ♪
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i'm up next, but now i'm singing the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is!
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♪ what's the buzz, tell me what's-a happening ♪ and now on "today's buzz," from a box office weekend shocker to the debut of stin timberlake's newest album. >> here with all the buzz, "entertainment weekly" senior writer. >> did you get promoted? >> no. i'm doing god's work on this show. >> let's not go too far. okay? >> kind of a debbie downer for tina fey's movie, "admission." >> i know. it did not do great. basically, it's a bomb, basically. it opened this weekend. it's a bomb. opened this weekend at like $6.4 million. >> what were they expecting? >> i think they were expecting probably higher in the teens or
2:39 am
at least like double digits. but the big news was "the croods," a dreamworks animation movie, and gerard butler's "olymp "olympus's fall." >> we loved "olympus' fall." i was stunned to see so many critics didn't like it. >> it got like an a-minus from audiences. i think it's going play really well into the summer. >> what about tina's? could it get word of mouth at this point? >> i don't think audiences liked it. they gave it a b-minus, which is not great. i think it was mismarketed, it's a weird plot, and -- >> besides that, how was it? >> yeah. >> paul rudd. >> paul rudd's not on a good box office track right now. he's kind of like box office poison. ooh, sorry. >> put his legs up like that and said do i have a hemline? i can't think of him in the same way anymore. >> not sure i'm familiar with that role. >> "40." >> okay. >> what about "spring breakers"? >> that did pretty well.
2:40 am
this kind of sexually charged movie about these teens going on spring break, selena gomez vanessa hudgens and james franco -- >> and four thongs. >> starring four thongs. it did actually -- it did okay. it expanded. but i think word of mouth. people seem to be very polarized by it. it's not surprising because this director, harmony korine, is kind of -- he's an acquired taste. and i think people were sort of turned off by the graphicness of it. >> and the kids' real fan base can't go to that movie. >> yeah. exactly. they have to sneak in. it does limit the audience. >> all i heard was how amazing james franco is but he doesn't show up until late in the film. >> he's supposed to be amazing. i think the rest of the movie is like -- unless you like thongs. >> let's talk about tilda swinton. what is she doing? >> i don't know, but i'm obsessed with it. >> explain it. >> she might be here right now in a box. she's everywhere. she has been -- over the weekend she just popped up in a box in the moma and she's sleeping. >> the art museum.
2:41 am
>> yeah, the art museum, the moma. it's a performance art called "the maybe" she's done before, like in 1995, 1996. look at this kid. she's like, mommy, why is the woman from "michael clayton" in a box? why is -- so confusing. >> is she actually sleeping? >> i don't know. >> i don't know that i could fall asleep with all those eyeballs. i might drool or something. >> ambien? >> i'm also claustrophobic. >> where does she pee? she has a bucket of water and some glasses. >> maybe there. why the glasses? >> exactly. i don't know. are you reading? i feel like that box is going to get stinky. a lot of -- >> she's a quirky woman. >> i'm not saying she's stinky. i'm just saying like -- >> well, maybe they change her sheets. >> let's talk justin timberlake real quick, his album. >> "20/20 experience," doing huge, on track to sell between 950,000 and 975,000, maybe a million -- >> in the first week. >> in the first week. maybe a million by the end of today.
2:42 am
we're not sure. >> he can't do anything wrong these days. marketing genius. >> and remember we talked about him being the host of the oscars? >> it was in the paper now. >> we called it. >> can you say something good about me and maybe that will happen to me? >> no. >> okay. >> love you. >> it is time to get organized. we're going to show you how to tackle your garage and basement. >> someone's coloring. >> who doesn't have either one? good morning to you. i'm meteorologist chris warren with your weather channel seven-day forecast. looking at what we could expect throughout the eastern third of the country. you'll see a chance for a few snow showers and maybe a little bit of rain throughout parts of tennessee. kentucky, west virginia, and a little bit of snow coming off the lakes. otherwise, next chance for precipitation will be throughout parts of the mountain west. cool air dipping all the way down to the south today after a cold start for many spots in the south. temperatures barely getting up to 50 degrees in atlanta.
2:43 am
you're going to be close to 50 in boston and new york. northeast you're still on the cool side. a few showers. still going to be around, hanging around for your mid-week. and then we're going to see temperatures warm up in some areas. throughout the plains, the southern plains are going to feel that warmth first and eventually it's going to sneak up farther to the north here. so watch those temperatures. next system moving into the pacific northwest ahead of it is going to be mild. 6 3 degrees in seattle. while the northeast will be into that -- looks like maybe that mid to upper 40s, still a chance for a few snow showers. next system moving into the rockies and a chance for a few showers throughout parts of arkansas and oklahoma. back into the 60s for the south and even some 70s. dallas 74. and take a look at denver. 62 degrees by friday. then next weekend there will be a chance for some showers from the gulf coast all the way up to the canadian border. with the exception of middle mississippi valley there, we'll be dealing with maybe some showers. otherwise, right around 50 degrees in the northeast. and then on sunday. as that system, that chance for
2:44 am
some rain will go from new orleans all the way up to the great lakes. and notice these temperatures now. much milder than we've been dealing with for weeks here. 53 in chicago by sunday. also looking at the lower to mid 50s for the northeast. and mid 60s possible in the pacific northwest. weekdays on the weather channel you can wake up with al and stephanie. people have chosen it again and again for over eight years. its key ingredients are also found in every day food like avocados, broccoli and bananas. it contains about as much caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee. zero sugar. four calories. 5-hour energy is like... coffee with vitamins and nutrients. simple. put them together and it's a great combination. try a sip... then decide.
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that's us. >> that looks like us. >> today we're kicking off our new series, "frazzled to focused." does your life feel hectic? >> yes. >> are you completely exhausted, worn out? join the club. >> this week we're tackling getting organized with everything from your home to your work life to your family and even your love life. >> oh, good, hodie. >> here to get us started by getting focused at home is "today's" lifestyle expert amy goodman. >> who's pretty close to pretty perfect. >> actually my basement flooded
2:47 am
a week and a half ago and by inspiration for this segment, i tried to reorganize my garage. i lives through the same pains everybody does. when you get that physical space organized in the garage and the basement. >> it creates peace. >> it's like mental clarity. >> serenity. hoda, it's a good thing. where are we starting? >> so first, brand new from the container store, their alpha utility boards. they just came out last week. you buy the board. it comes with the accessories for $75. all the hooks and bins and sometimes shelves that you need to get your tools out of that cluttered drawer and up and visual. >> so you can see them so you don't have to go digging through everything. >> exactly. >> like your purse. >> and on that same note, we have these magnetic spice jars from bed, bath, and beyond, for all those miscellaneous nails, hex nuts, screws. they're magnetic. >> so clever. >> you can take them off and take the small knickknacks and put them in individual places. >> that's fantastic. >> for all the balls rolling around the garage, this is
2:48 am
called the ball claw from the container store. you put your most often used balls and your favorites up on the wall. get things on the wall where you can visually see them. this i love for kids who do a lot of activities and sports. from the clear handbags and more, i got clear totes. you put their like items for one sport in there. my daughter's soccer stuff, my son's swimming things and hang them on the garage wall with these hand hooks. these are the ones can take off the wall, you can put them other places -- >> doesn't damage them. >> exactly. so as your children grow in height you can move the hooks up. one sport activity in one place. >> what about for gardening? >> i actually recommend your favorite thing, hoda. to actually upgrade your furniture from your garage. maybe you have an underutilized cabinet in your house, a bookshelf, a dresser like this. pull it into the garage and use it to store various things. this one from pbt actually has labels so we can tell you it has tools, sporting equipment, et cetera. for gardening items, i love
2:49 am
these locker bins from land of nod for a high shelf, because when you pull them out, you can see what it contains within from the mesh siding here. these are great for really high shelves or for the top of the dresser you're going to pull in. from threshold from target, we have different ways you can organize your seeds and plant food and make it visually pretty in your garage if that's your thing. >> i like things like that. they function but they're nice looking. >> right? now, moving into -- >> we have less than a minute, sweetie. sorry. >> okay. for the basement from cv2, covered storage, it's a great cabinet called the hide and seek cabinet from pvt. the brand new style tiles, which go into different configurations, to organize your family in the basement from photos to arts and crafts supplies. and there's all different kinds of boxes you can put up onto the wall. i love this desk, this desk from cb2 because you can use it for an office space to write things in the basement or for the kids to do arts and crafts or swipe it off and put on snacks for march madness. >> your children, they are gorgeous. >> cutest kidos.
2:50 am
>> for your closet in the basement, this is called the guitar hanger dotcom. >> genius. >> a beautiful hanger to get the guitar out of the case, easy to play and much safer than a stand on the floor where kids and pets can knock it over. and a purse organizer. for your off-season storage in your closet. >> thank you for cleaning us up. >> the brand-new life in 48 hours. >> the weekend makeover. first this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] going to sleep may be easy, but when you wake up in the middle of the night it can be frustrating. it's hard to turn off and go back to sleep. intermezzo is the first and only prescription sleep aid approved for use as needed in the middle of the night when you can't get back to sleep. it's an effective sleep medicine you don't take before bedtime. take it in bed only when you need it and have at least four hours left for sleep. do not take intermezzo if you have had an allergic reaction to drugs containing zolpidem, such as ambien. allergic reactions such as shortness of breath
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mike's being healthy and chewing like a man. with one a day vitacraves for men. it's a gummy multivitamin with more b vitamins, which help convert food to energy, and help mike do manly things, like wrestle bears and take out the garbage. one a day vitacraves for men.
2:53 am
in each chapter of her book, "weekend makeover's" jill martin promises to attack a different part of your life that needs fixing. the result, a whole new start in 48 hours. >> we put out this twitter search and by we, i mean jill, and we got tons of responses from women who needed help. jill found one lucky woman who needed a weekend makeover. hey. congratulations. >> thank you. so the beauty makeover chapter is what we opened for this and we got such a huge response. this is the one we chose. i want to read rachel's tweet from new jersey. she tweeted, "shimmer body lotion from before my son was born, mascara from and the skeechlt 2010." we set out to change rachel's beauty return forever. >> this is going to be fun.
2:54 am
hope she has garbage bags ready. hello! >> hi, jill. >> nervous? >> a little bit but come on in. i'm ready. >> show me this. >> kind of my hidden secret. welcome to my beauty closet. >> what do i do, jill? i really need some help. >> i came with some very advanced tools. >> uh-oh. >> a garbage bag. i'm going to take a crack at this. this isn't even enough for one. expired in '03. that's safe. >> that's embarrassing. i would say five, six, seven, eight years old. >> wow. oh, look. >> you never know when you're going to need a tiara. >> this is like your real makeup bag. right? >> this is my everyday makeup bag. >> what happened? >> i didn't want you to see that, but i dropped my compact on the floor. how about my eyelash curler from high school? >> this is your eyelash curler from high school? >> that's right. >> so now that i know what i'm dealing with, i'm going to do my work and get rid of everything
2:55 am
in here that's either expired or empty. empty. this is a potion, she doesn't know what it is, from high school. an empty sample. another empty sample. empty sample. july 14th, 2008. something we can keep. the bag's getting heavy here. empty. empty. empty samples. scrunchies, clips. >> i'm ready. what? oh, my god. i can understand how it can be this simple. i've been building up and building up stuff and not throwing it away. thank you so much for doing that for me. i wouldn't have done it myself. i cannot believe how heavy this is. my third baby. >> what did we miss? did you take out her garbage, too? she can do that on her own, can't she? >> i know. i helped her. but it was very emotional getting rid of some of that stuff because a lot of it she had -- it was makeup since high school.
2:56 am
>> she threw it away. >> six months is supposed to be the shelf life. >> i know. on a lot of things. i want to show you the before and after because it really is staggering. >> we saw the before. >> but then i said to her, it's okay to have empty shelves and when you open your beauty cabinet you should see pretty so you feel pretty. so she just sent us this picture, the after after shot, which i nearly have here. and look, bins with -- >> do you think she changed her behavior now going forward? >> i do. she said she loves getting ready every morning now. she opens it up, she feels pretty, it's easier and it's gone into other parts of her life. >> that's what i'm telling you, hoda woman. >> about me? >> yes. >> what should we keep? what should we throw away? >> i want to give a few tips. we did open this chapter with her. let's start with anything with a wand. so lip gloss, mascara, three months it goes. these are all drugstore brands. >> three months? >> because it's like bacteria waiting to happen. you open it, put it back. >> put it on your lips and god only know where is those have been. >> okay.
2:57 am
then -- i wish. 6 to 12 months, moisturizer, cleanser and foundation. that's when you should look, even though you put these in the bathroom and so the temperature changes, so you think of the bottle opening and closing not -- also the bacteria but also the effectiveness. >> so buy smaller bottles. you buy the big one and you don't use it. you throw it out. >> that's exactly what my dermatologist says as well. if you buy big bottles, those family friendly bottles -- >> if you're one person, you're not going to use them before the expiration date. >> exactly. and the most important thing, suntan lotion. if you have it from last summer, get rid of it. do your beauty makeover. >> good luck, jill. good luck with the book. >> weekend makeover. >> supermodel >> i was raped. jeff: she served our country.
2:58 am
>> i requested under the freedom of information act. they told me i couldn't have it to protect the names of the innocence. jeff: you were discharged? >> yeah. jeff: shocking story of rape in the military. women are told this is part of the job. >> what other job is it required to put up with criminal activity? jeff: i'm rarely at loss for words. [ applause ] hello, hello. roll it! [ cbs television distribution ] jeff: all right. a little about me. i'm recently married. i work with my wife on this show. and i'm learning how to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family. i'm hosting a talk show 'cause there's a lot to talk about. this is the adventure. welcome to the show! thank you very much. have a seat. big show today. big show for me anyway. we're dedicating the whole hour of this show, no host chat.
2:59 am
yvette's not here today. we're not playing any games. this show idea came, i was reading "rolling stone" a few weeks ago. i read an article that absolutely blew my mind. it was about this woman who is here. an officer in the u.s. navy. she had gone through this really -- i feel like it's an unbelievable ordeal. you can't believe it happened. i called the producers and said we have to talk to this woman. she agreed to her first television interview with us here today. and -- [ applause ] very exciting. i'm varying the lead a little bit for dramatic effect. as amazing as her story is, tragically, it is similar to hundreds of thousands of other women who have served our country. we're going to meet her in a moment, as well as an oscar nominated film team that are raising awareness about stories like rebecca's. it is one of the most shameful